What to expect from childcare

What can I expect from The Treasure Box?

A high-quality learning experience for each child.

A happy, engaged and motivated child.

A place where children come first.

Lots of learning through play… which is children’s “work”.

Strong and successful partnerships between me and children’s families.

A homely and comfortable environment: the best bits of home and nursery combined.

A happy, stable, safe, secure and nurturing place.

Children take supported risks; appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

The mixed age range in my Setting strengthens children’s social skills and their emotional well-being.

A tailor-made curriculum that is rich, varied and imaginative; balancing children’s strengths and interests, with their needs and next steps.

A language rich environment, where social skills and emotional literacy are worked on every day.

I treat each child warmly and sensitively; nurturing them, to bring out the best in them.

I am an advocate for the child: standing up for their rights to be loved, safe, protected, included and emotionally secure… children’s voices are heard here.

Children have positive attitudes to their learning, are resilient and proud.

Children become responsible, respectful and contribute positively to society.

The part parents play in their children’s lives and learning, is both valued and expected.

Parents are supported to understand how young children learn best and the vital role they can play. 

The environment is an interesting, intriguing and evolving place, helping children to focus on their learning.

All resources are fit for purpose and children have free access to them. Children can choose to be busy and excited, or relaxed and quiet.

Children feel ownership of, and take pride in our Setting.

Free access to outdoor play… fresh air, freedom and fun!

Each day has enough structure and routine in it, to enable children to feel safe and secure.

Real life experiences, trips and visits.

I have a strong vision for the Setting and set myself ambitious goals for improvement.

Free access to reading materials, that enhance children’s enjoyment of books.

I know what to look for and how to respond to children’s Special Educational Needs.

We go out into the community regularly, anchoring children’s learning in the world we know.

I am a happy, passionate and well-motivated individual and an excellent teacher.

Children have strong emotional attachments to me, because I am warm and sensitive. Staffing doesn’t change day by day or week by week; I remain available, stable and a secure attachment figure.

I interpret children’s interests and fascinations and use them to build an appropriate curriculum.

Parents are supported to help their children learn well at home.

I believe in the unique potential of each child and their fundamental “goodness”. 

Children make excellent progress from their starting points.

I have a broad and deep of knowledge of child development.

I am willing to tackle obstacles for the benefit of the child.

I provide parents with a listening ear, whenever it is needed.

The smaller group of children allow for more individual attention.

I am committed to providing each child with all the professional love they need and deserve.

Ofsted have an important role in regulating education and childcare. More information can be found here.