Getting it Right for Every Child

I aim to support children to feel safe, be healthy, achieve well, feel nurtured, be active, respected, responsible and to feel included.


Our children have opportunities to develop personal safety skills and understanding, make their own decisions, cope with challenges and learn skills for life.


Our children have daily opportunities for outdoor loose parts play, with access to nature all year round in almost all weathers, in an ethos that supports children’s overall wellbeing.


Our children are supported to experience challenging, risky adventurous play, that allows a sense of achievement, success and exhilaration; they have opportunities for creativity, including using problem solving strategies, higher order thinking, communication and imagination.


Our children have spaces that have meaning, feel safe and where they gain a sense of autonomy, belonging and place- attachment; they have adults around them who support their play processes respectfully and sensitively; they have access to suitable outdoor clothing and footwear to enable all year round outdoor loose parts play.


Our children have the freedom to fully engage in play, be physically active and use their bodies, muscles, stamina, dexterity and strength through playing with loose parts.


Our children have their right ot play respected and supported; they have opportunities to be actively involved in maintaining, evaluating and developing our loose parts play provision; they feel listened to, however they communicate.


Our children have opportunities to collaborate with others and have to take responsibility for others, for resources and for the environment.


Our children are able to play in their own way and at a pace that they choose, following their own interests; they are allowed to play alone, in a small group, with children of other ages, or as part of our local community; they have help and support to play in the way that they would like.