Special Needs Policy

I need to be aware that some children may have special needs and I need to be proactive in ensuring that appropriate action is taken when a child is identified as having special needs, or starts in my care. I must promote the welfare and development of the child in partnership with parents and other relevant agencies.

I have therefore put the following procedures in place:

If I think a child in my care has a special need I will:
Keep observational notes
Share these with the child’s parents
Discuss what support is available
Keep all matters confidential

If I am caring for a child with special needs I will include them by:
Valuing and acknowledging children’s individuality and help them to feel good about themselves
Seek information from parents about the child’s routines, likes and dislikes
Adapting activities to enable children with special needs to take part
Arrange access to specialist equipment if needed
Consider any risk factors
Encourage children’s confidence and independence

I will work in partnership with parents and discuss:
Agencies that are also involved in the child’s support and care
Equipment that the child may need
Advice or support that will help me to provide the best care possible for their child

I will consider how I can ensure the privacy of a child with special needs whilst continuing to supervise other children in my care.

Reviewed by Louise Lawson Feb 2023