Do you feel that your child enjoys their time spent at the setting? 

“I believe whole heartedly that my child loves his time at the setting. He cannot communicate this verbally but he’s always so happy to arrive and runs in with a smile on his face. He is never upset with the concept of being left, plus if anything, he is reluctant to leave, which is a very reassuring reaction.”

“Without a doubt … is so happy attending the setting. … and Louise have built a really strong relationship and … is able to go to her if he’s feeling worried or upset and just needs a bit of reassurance. There’s a variety of different activities Louise provides the children and I can see that … enjoys trying new things even if it’s just for a short amount of time, he’s making a lot of progress. When I pick … up I can see how much he wants to stay! He is always smiling and giggling when I’m dropping him off and picking him up.”

“The difference in … since he started attending The Treasure Box is phenomenal. He clearly enjoys the setting, he is always keen to go and see Louise, and he has always had a lovely time when we pick him up. He brings that happiness home and even on days when he isn’t with Louise, he is much happier, developing better, and is a totally different child.”

Do you feel you have up-to-date information about your child’s development? 

“Yes definitely. Louise writes a lovely report on … at the end of each day he’s attended the setting. I keep Louise up to date with any information I receive from other healthcare professionals such as the paediatrician. Louise always updates me on how well Isaac is doing and we regularly update his support plan to ensure we are supporting and encouraging … to be the best he can be.”

“You want to know that your child is first and foremost safe and happy, but that is where the trust of the relationship with the childminder comes in. With Louise, we get a little report written each day about what … has been up to, which enables us to switch off and almost step out of the parenting role briefly. This is a massive respite when you have a child with additional needs. We feel safe in the knowledge that if there is something that requires our immediate attention Louise will get straight in touch using her processes that are clearly set out, but in the main, we are able to leave her to help and support …”

“Yes we have up to date information verbally, digitally and in paper format.”

Do you feel your child is learning and making developmental progress from the activities provided? 

“… has developed more in the time that he has been with Louise than we could ever have hoped for. His communication, our biggest worry, has come on leaps and bounds. We are simply amazed.”

“I think he is definitely learning and making developmental progress. To look back at how much he has come along is just amazing. Activities are constantly discussed and reviewed to ensure they are relevant with current progressive needs.”

“Louise provides a variety of activities specifically designed to support each child’s individual needs, so they are able to improve their learning and development in a safe but fun and exciting way. … enjoys trying new things. I’ve noticed activities … once disliked, he seems to really enjoy now, for example painting and getting his hands all sticky. There’s no more frustration when I introduce new things to … Louise has helped a lot with his confidence.”

Considering the paperwork and external agencies / services involved with your child’s special needs, how helpful have I been with it all? 

“I would not be where I am without the help and support from Louise with all the paperwork. Louise most definitely goes above and beyond which shows she truly cares about the children she looks after and their families. Louise explains things so well and nothing’s ever too much for her. If I needed her to go over anything I’m unsure of, she’s always been happy to help.”

“The help you have provided has definitely been above and beyond with all paperwork and external agencies. You have provided assistance to understand what help is available as well as offering assistance with any questions we have had. The paperwork (which has felt overbearing and emotionally exhausting) has always been assisted with applicable information and reassurance every step of the way. It was, and still is, a very difficult process that you have been our emotional and mental crutch that has offered such invaluable support for which we will be forever thankful for.”

“When we first met Louise, we had no idea what additional help was out there for …, whether that be extra funding for him and his care, or extra support for him or our family. Louise was able to clearly explain what was available, the chances of … being eligible, and even helped us write fantastic applications.”

When you have raised queries, views or suggestions, have you felt listened to? 

“Yes always. Louise is very accommodating and will happily listen to any suggestions I make and act on them.”

“Yes, all areas are discussed and brainstormed to collectively come to agreements with all queries raised.”

“I haven’t had the need to raise any concerns but based on all my experience of The Treasure Box and how it’s run, I would fully expect that I would be listened to, a conversation had, and a decision made that is mutually agreeable.”

How do you feel about the methods I use to manage your child’s behaviour?

“…’s behaviour is, at times, challenging. Being in a setting where he can explore and learn at his own pace, drastically reduces the opportunities for him to have a meltdown. Louise’s methods of distraction work wonders for …, and it is a technique that we have adopted at home, so he gets a consistent approach, and it has changed the way he behaves and transitions between tasks.”

“I feel very confident in Louise’s ability to manage my son’s behaviour in a calm but effective manner to ensure his safety and everyone else’s within the setting. Louise is brilliant at helping my son to share his toys with other children and if it causes too much distress for …, Louise is able to divert his attention onto something else.”

“The methods used are extremely effective. Time has been taken to understand the person centred approach required to effectively deal with the individual child, which I can vouch from personal experience was also effective with one of my older children.”

Are you happy with the methods we use to communicate with each other? 

“Communication is amazing. We regularly communicate in person, via phone, in messages and emails and via post where necessary. An open door policy is truly felt, where communication in whatever means is effectively accomplished, without flaw.”

“Yes, I am happy with how we communicate.”

“I think that, apart from messages and calls about serious things, a daily report about what my child has done each day, is a brilliant way to communicate. It always gives us something to look forward to reading and is something that we will keep forever and show … when he is older. Short chats when we drop … off and pick him up, are a brilliant way of touching base and making sure we are all up-to-date.”

How well do you feel that your cultural background, views, and beliefs are embraced within the setting? 

“Our cultural background, views and beliefs have always been taken into account and respected. Initial assessments, as well as open communication, has allowed us to properly get to know each other and our understanding has grown along our time knowing one another.”

“My views and beliefs are very much based in logical thinking and semantic processing, so I don’t really have a lot of adjustments that are required, however, as mentioned above, I feel that Louise would be very accommodating should I have such requirements.”

“I personally don’t have a cultural background but know if I did, this would be respected and embraced within the setting.”

Would you recommend my service to a friend?

“Yes 5*****”

“Yes 5*****”

“Yes 5*****”