Comments and feedback from parents and carers:

  • 5 stars – Thank you as always from the bottom of our hearts, for all you’ve done and continue to do for our children. I couldn’t have got through this twin malarkey and early years without you guys. Thank you for the varied activities and life long lessons the children are introduced to each day. Thank you for always being a second home, place of comfort and safety for them.
  • 5 stars – Treasure Box continues to be a very happy, stable and nurturing place for both children. You have helped … settle in so well and … is always happy there. They develop so much under your guidance and there is always a listening ear when needed. When I says it’s a Treasure Box day, my child says “Yay! I’ll be so excited!”
  • 5 stars – We’ve been so happy having … at Treasure Box, we couldn’t have wished for a better Early Years. The dedication of the team to getting the most out of the children and taking on obstacles, has been really valued. Thank you!! My child says “Can I go to Louise’s house today?”
  • 5 stars – The Treasure Box is a wonderful, small, homely place, where … has been able to develop and become the kind and respectful little man he is today. He has been given all the social and academic tools he needs to start school. My child says “I love playing with my friends at Nursery”
  • 5 stars – Putting my child into a childminder setting was always a worry, but since picking The Treasure Box, I have never had any doubt that it was 100% the right decision. They are like an extension to our family and always have the interests of my child in mind. My child says “I like going to Treasure Box. There are lots of toys and craft things for me to play with. Louise is really nice”
  • 5 stars – Thank you so much for your love and care of … over the last 3.5 years. We couldn’t have asked for more! You have provided so much support to us all! I have never felt worried while … was in your care. He has enjoyed so much, all the amazing activities and trips. We feel he is such a well rounded little boy with your help. We will miss you so much and … particularly will miss the constant supply of sticky gems! Thanks again.