Sensory learning

Children need to be able to use all their senses to get the most out of learning in school.

Tiny humans (children!) have evolved with a huge urge to learn about and understand the world they inhabit.

They absorb information in a first hand, highly sensory way, alert to everything, experiencing life in the moment. They use all of their senses, brains and whole bodies to soak up every detail, whilst growing millions of brain connections and building up a huge internal data base about their world.

The outdoors provides a multi-sensory environment for children to make rich, meaningful, effective and useful learning.

Because information about the world is gathered using internal and external senses at the same time, it is stored as ‘felt meanings’ or ‘experiential learning’. These memories last and make sense. They build up into ‘intuitive intelligence’, which enables abstract thinking in later years.

Sensory learning outdoors helps our children to be ready for learning at school.