Complaints Procedure

At all times, the OFSTED “Poster for parents” will be displayed in my setting, for parents to see. 

The purpose of having a complaint procedure is to provide opportunity for us to resolve any differences and clear up any uncertainties as soon as possible. I feel it would be beneficial for all concerned if this could be achieved informally, as and when an incident occurs. But if this is not possible, the following procedure is available: 

1. Arrange an appropriate time, without children being present, to discuss your complaint with Louise. You can put your complaint in writing to me as well if you wish. 

2. If your complaint relates to the Early Years Foundation Stage standards, I will complete a Complaints Record form to record the details of the complaint, the welfare requirement the complaint relates to, investigations conducted, action taken and the outcome of the complaint. I will give you a copy of the completed form. 

3. I will record on the Complaints Record form the process that I undertook to investigate the complaint eg. interviews, reviews of records, who was involved in the investigation (without identifying anyone named in the complaint) and any referrals I made to an external agency eg. Environmental Health or Children’s Services. 

4. I will also record on the Complaint Record form any actions I identify, any actions set by OFSTED or another external agency (if I have their permission to do so) and the outcome of my investigation, identifying any areas where I feel I could improve my provision. 

5. I will inform you within 28 days of receipt of your complaint of the findings of my investigation and the action I have taken, or intend to take, as a result. 

6. I will keep a record of your complaint on file for 3 years, in accordance with my General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy. 

7. I will provide OFSTED Child Care Inspectors with written records of all complaints on request. 

8. If you wish to make a complaint direct to OFSTED, please call 
OFSTED – Compliance, Investigation and Enforcement 0300 1234666 8am-8pm 

9. If an agreement cannot be reached, other agencies available for advice and support are: 
Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years Tel. 02084 646164 
Citizens Advice Bureau Tel. 01945 464367 

Should you have any concerns that a child is being abused or is at risk of significant harm then you should contact Children’s Services, or in an emergency, the local police. Social workers have a legal duty under the Children Act 1989 to investigate such concerns and take any action. All information concerning child protection investigation is CONFIDENTIAL to the children and families involved and the child protection services. 

Children’s Services (customer services centre = 24 hours) Tel. 0344 800 8020 Website 

As OFSTED is the registering body of your childminder they would also need to be informed of your complaint. 

Refer to Ofsted:
0300 123 46666

Concern to be addressed by Louise

Concern to be put in writing to Louise:
• Evidence collected
• Response within 28 days
• Action taken
• Records kept
Inform Ofsted
Inform Norfolk County Council
(if related to the Early Education funded entitlement)

You have the right to be confident that I handle your family’s personal information responsibly and in line with good practice.
If you have a concern about the way I am handling your information; if I:
• am not keeping your information secure;
• hold inaccurate information about you;
• have disclosed information about you;
• am keeping information about you for longer than is necessary; or
• have collected information for one reason and I am using it for something else,
I am responsible for dealing with it. I will take your concern seriously and work with you to try to resolve it.
If I am unable, or unwilling, to resolve your information rights concern, you can raise the matter with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They will use the information you provide them, including my response to your concerns, to decide if your concern provides an opportunity to improve my information rights practice.
The ICO give guidance and support to organisations to help them get things right. They can also help you take steps to address your concern. They can’t act as your representative, award compensation or – apart from in the most serious cases – punish an organisation for breaking the law. But they can help you understand how to best work with me to resolve your concern.

My complaints policy is issued to all families as part of the registration process. It is also available upon request, on my website and on the Baby’s Days system. Where parents/carers are not satisfied that their child is receiving the free entitlement in the correct manner (as set out in the funding agreement and in Early Education and Childcare Statutory guidance for local authorities), a complaint can be submitted directly to me.

Reviewed by Louise Lawson Feb 2023