Coronavirus (Covid) Policy and Procedure


My policy will be to reduce the amount of contact between people, as much as possible. 
I can achieve this and reduce further transmission of Coronavirus by ensuring that the children and I only mix in a small, consistent group (bubble) that stays away from other people and groups. Public Health England (PHE) is clear that if early year’s settings do this, and crucially, if we also apply regular hand cleansing, hygiene and cleaning measures and handle potential cases of the virus as per government advice, then the risk of further transmission will be lowered.
I cannot apply social distancing measures to young children because of their level of understanding, and I feel that it would be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing. I have a duty of care to provide for the children’s basic needs, such as love, comfort, food, hygiene routines, etc. and so I will continue to change nappies and love and cuddle them.
I will endeavour to keep myself safe and healthy. I would ask that all families do the same. Like me, please follow Government Guidance as to what is appropriate, according to the current level of risk in England. I received my first vaccination on 15/03/21.
I will keep up to date with new regulations and guidance from the Government, Department for Education and Ofsted and communicate any necessary details to all families by email or text.

What to do if you or someone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19:
If you have any coronavirus symptoms, you should stay at home for 10 days. Book a test as soon as possible. To do this visit the NHS website or call 119.
Everyone else in your household with must also stay home because they might have caught the virus but not be showing symptoms yet. They must stay at home for 14 days from the first day you felt poorly, even if they feel well. 
If someone you share your home with has signs of coronavirus, you should stay at home for 14 days. This is whether you have Coronavirus symptoms or not.
Public Health England have advised us that the symptoms of Coronavirus include a new continuous cough, a high temperature (37.8 degrees and above) and/or a loss of, or change in, the sense of smell or taste. Symptoms typically appear 2-10 days after infection and contact with the virus could potentially make any of us ill.
If a child’s test is negative the child may return to my setting.
If a child or anyone in my home tests positive, I will have to close my whole setting until after the 14 day isolation period. This would mean no childcare for anyone. This would be exceedingly disruptive for all of us, so please let us all follow the Government Guidance.

Procedure (how I will do it):
I have conducted a thorough Risk Assessment, following Norfolk County Council’s guidance and using their template. It is available for anyone to read.
I perform Lateral Flow Tests for the whole of my household twice a week and report these via
I ask that everyone entering and leaving my setting, sanitises their hands at the gate. This applies to adults and children.
Parents / carers will be asked to provide up to date information on the health of their family and then sign the register to say that no-one in their household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19.
I will continue to implement an ‘outdoor’ or ‘drop at the door’ policy where parents/carers do not enter my setting. Only one parent/carer at a time should drop off or collect their child. 
I will implement staggered drop off and collection times for each family, so that no two families arrive at my setting at the same time. If you arrive and notice another family is at my front door, please stay in your vehicle until the other family has left.
Please would children wear a clean set of clothes each day, after their bath / shower / face and hand wash. I request that you send in at least 2 sets of freshly laundered clothes (tops, bottoms, socks, jumper), a full pack of nappies, new nappy care ointment, new sunscreen, and a spare comfort object (dummy, teddy, muslin cloth, etc) before your child starts back at my setting. These will remain at my setting until further notice.
Please would you apply sunscreen to your child before they get dressed each morning.
I will supply wet wipes and tissues, that are dispensed singularly.
There is no need for anything other than normal personal hygiene and washing of clothes following a day in an educational or childcare setting.
I will continue to supervise thorough hand washing routines. There will be a constant supply of soap, water, paper towels and hand sanitiser gel.
I will continue to encourage children to catch coughs and sneezes into a tissue. I will encourage children to turn their head away from others if they cough or sneeze. The waste bin will be emptied regularly and at the end of each day.
My setting will be well ventilated and kept clean at all times, particularly high traffic areas such as light switches, door handles, taps, IT devices, toys, tables and chairs etc.
Toys and resources will be kept to a minimum and cleaned regularly. 
The children and I will use the garden and outside resources as much as possible, to get fresh air and exercise. Suitable outdoor clothing (Togz and wellies) will be supplied by me, and kept separate for each child.
The children will eat meals and snacks at the table in the playroom. All food and drinks will be supplied by myself, please do not send food or drink in from home. Children will not be allowed in the kitchen or the rest of my home. This will be to protect both the children and my family from the possibility of further transmission of Coronavirus.
Any child needing a daytime sleep will have access to a travel cot in a quiet area of the playroom. They will have their own cot and own bedding, which will be cleaned regularly.
My clothes will be washed each day. I will wash and/or sanitise my hands regularly and I will do my best not to touch my face. 
I will not normally wear a face mask and I do not expect the children to wear one. If I suddenly develop symptoms of Covid-19, I will wear a face mask until families are able to collect their children. This will help to reduce the risk to the children.
I will not be doing either the school runs or dropping off and collecting from the Preschool, unless Government Guidance advising against children being at 2 settings, changes.
No outside visitors will come into my home or setting during the current restrictions, but essential visits from other professionals supporting your child will be allowed.