Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety of your child is very important to me and I have therefore documented the following procedures that I have in place to support this.

All toys will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they are safe for your child to use. Any broken or hazardous toys will be removed immediately. Children will only be offered toys and resources that are suitable for their age/stage of development. All materials, including paint and glue, are non-toxic. Sand is clean and suitable for children’s play. Children are taught how to handle and store tools safely.
I do a thorough risk assessment of my setting every morning before the children arrive to ensure that it is a safe environment for minded children. Regular checks are made throughout the day.

Low level windows are made from materials which prevent accidental breakage or are made safe. Windows above ground floor are secured so that children cannot climb through them.
All equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly. All equipment is fitted with the correct safety harnesses to prevent accidents, for example highchair and pushchairs.
Car seats are checked regularly to ensure they are correctly fitted.
My car is regularly serviced and MOT’d. I keep the safety locks on the back doors working. My car insurance is for Business use.
I use safety equipment appropriate for the children in my care, ie stair gates, cupboard locks etc. These are checked regularly.
I will keep perimeter gates locked with a number combination code to prevent the children opening the gate to strangers.
I have procedures in place in the event of a fire / emergency evacuation. Fire drills are practiced through role play regularly.
I keep the kitchen clean, following hygiene guidelines on the storing of food, keeping the fridge at the correct temperature etc. Adults do not carry hot drinks through the play area, nor do they leave them within the reach of children. Snack and meal times are appropriately supervised. Drinks are available to the children at all times. 

I implement good hygiene practices and therefore provide a good role model for the children. Tables are cleaned between activities, the WC is checked regularly, tissues and wipes are readily available, sole use of flannels is ensured and I follow strict hygiene guidelines to prevent contamination.
I ensure that the children do not have access to any waste, the bins are emptied daily and any used nappies are double wrapped and placed in the dedicated bin.
I do not permit smoking in our setting.
I have strict Child protection guidelines in place.
Only persons who have been checked for criminal records by an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service and are registered with OFSTED as child carers have unsupervised access to the children. Any Assistants and volunteers will be DBS cleared.
Systems are in place for the safe arrival and departure of children. The times of the children’s arrival and departure are recorded. Systems are in place to prevent unauthorised access, and to prevent children from leaving un-noticed.
Children must stay with me when we are out walking away from the setting. Younger children will be strapped into a pushchair, older children will either be on reins or wrist strap, or holding onto a hand/pushchair.
I have emergency contact details with me at all times should I need to contact parents.
I will work with you to teach the children about safety issues like crossing the road and keeping seat belts fastened.
I will work with you to teach the children about making healthy food choices and the benefits of physical exercise.
Sleeping children will be regularly monitored through my use of video baby monitors.
I discourage the children from keeping ‘secrets’.
I will restrain a child if they are putting themselves or others in danger, for example running into a road. Any incidents will be recorded on the online system for Accident’s and Incident’s.
I have appropriate public liability and employer’s liability insurance. My first aid training is kept up to date and I have access to a first aid kit at all times.

If you have any concerns regarding the health and safety of your child please discuss them with me.

Reviewed by Louise Lawson Feb 2023