Our Values

Providing outstanding care, quality and service


I take the care of children very seriously


I maintain the highest standards in care and safety and provide exceptional early years education


I provide an outstanding service and I form an integral part in supporting parents to bring up their children

Our motto is “The Treasure Box: A treasure trove for learning; where curious children love to play”

My vision:

To give each and every child the very best start in life.

My mission:
  • To deliver high quality childcare and early years education
  • With exciting opportunities for learning
  • That give every child a head start as they prepare for school or the next phase of their education
  • With the result that children love to attend The Treasure Box.

These values and fundamental beliefs form the foundation of how I perform and conduct myself every day:

The children come first. 

Child welfare and safeguarding are paramount.

I am a strong advocate for each and every child. 

Diversity is valued, respected, welcomed and celebrated.

Every child feels loved, safe, protected, included and emotionally secure here.

Children are happy, engaged and motivated.

The vital importance of childhood and children’s play, is understood, respected and valued.

Families use my services because they value what I do, want the best for their children, and know that I work in partnership with them.

Open, honest, sincere communication with families, is what makes genuine partnerships.

Children and their families are consulted about the services that I provide; their views and ideas are vailued.

I have a nurturing, homely environment, where I respond to the individual needs of families.

Children have the opportunity to take supported risks, appropriate to the environment and to themselves. They develop the ability to recognise and manage risk for themselves.

The age range in my Setting strengthens developing social relationships and emotional well-being, as children display sympathy, empathy and concern for each other.

Children are able to experience a tailor-made curriculum that is rich, varied and imaginative; balancing their strengths and interests with their needs and next steps.

Ours is a language rich environment, where social skills and emotional literacy are worked on every day.

I treat each child warmly and sensitively; nurturing them to bring out the best in them.

Ultimately, children are equipped with the skills they need for learning, life and to be able to actively pursue their dreams for the future.

Reflecting on my work and the service I provide, enables me to keep doing better.

I am committed to excellence; developing my own skills for learning, life and work.


“5 stars – Thank you so much for your love and care of … over the last 3.5 years. We couldn’t have asked for more! You have provided so much support to us all! I have never felt worried while … was in your care. He has enjoyed so much, all the amazing activities and trips. We feel he is such a well rounded little boy with your help. We will miss you so much and … particularly will miss the constant supply of sticky gems! Thanks again.”

By Parent BD