Natural light

The natural light outdoors helps our children to feel good and be ready for learning at school.

Human have evolved to require the full spectrum of natural light for their healthy development and functioning. Indoor lighting is a very poor substitute.

The neurotransmitters that transmit messages in our brains require Serotonin, and this is produced when we are bathed in natural light. Serotonin (the ‘happy’ hormone) makes us feel alert, able to think, ready to act, energetic… the ideal conditions for learning and remembering. Our moods are lifted, we feel buoyant, happy, resilient, communicative, sociable, we function well.

Being bathed in natural light, especially in the mornings, helps us sleep better at night. This is because natural light (the blue part of the spectrum) has an effect on the Pineal Gland in our brains. It raises and lowers the hormones Serotonin and Melatonin which regulate our biological clock or circadian rhythm. If we don’t get enough Serotonin production in the mornings and enough Melatonin production in the evenings, we won’t benefit from the best nights’ sleep.

The natural light outdoors helps our children to be ready for learning at school.