Welcome to The Treasure Box, Hickling

Preschool Education and Childcare for children with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND)



The Treasure Box is devoted to providing quality education and childcare for families of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) in Hickling, Norwich, Norfolk, UK and the surrounding areas.
I work closely with families to fulfil the needs of all children in my care. The Treasure Box is run in a home environment, with a well equipped playroom and purpose built outdoor area.

Children have access to a wealth of play resources, books and crafts.
The playroom has its own WC, cosy corner and craft area, and we eat together in the dining area.

I am able to look after very young children, from birth upwards.

Although I am a childminder working in my own home, my setting is run like a specialist private day nursery, where I am the early years teacher and qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

The Treasure Box is in the centre of the rural village of Hickling, and it provides a safe, secure and supportive place for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities to grow, learn and develop at their own pace. “The Treasure Box is a treasure trove for learning, where curious children love to play” – this vision is reflected in our ethos and underpins everything that we do.

Our small Treasure Box community is kind, caring, courageous and determined to make a difference for our very special children and their families. I am proud of our family orientated approach, where parents and I are on the same team. Where we work together to understand what children need and jointly give children a voice in how they are educated.

Together we support children to reach their greatest potential.

Together we focus on ability rather than disability. 

No matter how hard things get, you can count on me. I can help you to navigate the confusing SEND system, to understand your child’s needs, to fight battles over diagnoses and support, guide you through the EHCP process, and help you to find a suitable school place for the next phase of your child’s education. I take a holistic approach that strives to empower families through their SEND journey. Early discussions with you enable me to develop a good understanding of your child’s areas of strength and difficulty, your concerns, the agreed outcomes sought for your child, and their next steps. I know and respect that parents are the experts on their child. I treat every single child as the unique individual that they are; following their interests, catering for their different learning styles, attending to their diverse needs, supporting their well-being, and working with their varied routines. Providing a service which responds to the individual needs of families, is my commitment: I want children to achieve well in their early years and lead happy and fulfilling lives. As the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), I ensure that parents are closely involved in their child’s education, that parents are informed of actions taken, and that positive relationships are forged with other Professionals.

I am committed to empowering all children to excel, by understanding how each child learns, and delivering a curriculum that meets their needs. I work with parents in the best interests of their children. All children are valued in my inclusive Setting. Children learn to understand their barriers to learning as well as how to celebrate their achievements, thereby increasing their confidence and improving their participation. All children are encouraged to access their environment as independently as possible, and to form positive relationships with their peers. This helps them to be well prepared for the future and ultimately progressing on to opportunities that lead to better chances in School, work, living, health, friendships and relationships. 

Norfolk County Council provides me with subsidised training, specialist equipment and access to advice and guidance to support the inclusion of all children. I know when to refer to relevant outside agencies / services, in order to access advice and support. My personal strengths lie in supporting Cognition and Learning, and Communication and Interaction. Child development fascinates me and I am always keen to learn new things about new children. 

I have robust Policies and Procedures concerning SEND. These are regularly reviewed and updated, to ensure that I am providing equal opportunities for all children. My home-based Setting has a large playroom, downstairs toilet, and a purpose built outdoor play area. The children benefit from a wealth of resources (suited to their individual ages, stages, needs and interests), the company of others, and a calm, relaxed Setting, with a consistent and supportive adult. I have up-to-date certificates in Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding & Child Protection, and Food Safety, plus I have accessed numerous Norfolk County Council and online training courses, on many aspects of SEND. I have recently completed my level 3 SENCo Award to add to my NVQ level 3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development.

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