Active play does so much for children and helps them to be school-ready:

  • Lymph system… the lymph system doesn’t have its own pump, so it needs us to be physically active to make it work. This means that it can then respond quickly to viruses, bacteria and other infections.
  • Tendons, ligaments and joints… these need us to big physically active to keep them strong.
  • Bones… being physically active causes new bone to be laid down to make the bones stronger. Resistance activity makes our joints grow, makes them stronger, more flexible and much healthier.
  • Muscles… again, being physically active stimulates the muscles to grow more muscle fibres and makes our muscles bigger and stronger.
  • Core strength, flexibility and control… these are vital for balance and coordinated movements, including sitting in a chair at a school desk!
  • Dexterity… large scale physical work improves the strength and coordination of the torso, shoulders, upper arms and hands. Once these are in place, children become more comfortable using small tools, such as pens and pencils.
  • Sleep… being physically active helps us to sleep well, restoring our bodies, ready for the next day.
  • Stamina… physical activity improves our stamina and endurance, gives us more energy and drive, and increases our emotional robustness.
  • Resilience… physical play that includes challenge, uncertainty and risk, helps us to learn how to recover from difficulties, making it easier to cope with all that life throws at us.

For children to thrive in school, they need all of these!