Partnership with Parents Policy

Starting childcare can be a scary time for both parents and children, but please be assured that I have done this many times and that I am here to support both you and your child.

It is very important for your child that we work in partnership with each other. This will give your child continuity of care and they will not become confused with different standards of behaviour and boundaries. There are lots of ways you can get involved in your child’s time here and work with me to support their learning and development. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS which is legislation I must abide by) tells us that partnership working is the best way to make sure all children make good progress and reach their full potential.

As Parents you are the central adults in your child’s life and the ones making decisions on their behalf. I will endeavour to work closely with you in order to carry out your wishes for your child wherever I can. It is therefore important that we have an excellent communication system. I appreciate that as a working Parent you will be in a rush to go to work in the mornings and in the evenings you may well be tired and need to go as quickly as possible, so I like to use your child’s Learning Folder and WhatsApp for communications. I will complete diary pages that will include naps, toileting, activities, milestones achieved etc. I would request that you use this system (or pen and note paper) to write down if your child has had a disturbed night, is not feeling well or any other piece of information that may help me to provide him/her with the best care that I can. I am always happy to discuss your child and their care with you at any time that is mutually convenient, whether in person or over the phone.

Your child’s Learning Folder and WhatsApp are great ways of sharing your child’s day and their progress with you, however, it is not designed to have only my input. I would be delighted if you would make comments on the photos, add notes of your own, contribute Wow! moments your child has had at home, and use WhatsApp to record the achievements I’ve missed out on. Don’t worry about “spoiling” any of my work, you won’t! Even rushed miss-spelt contributions are most welcome and greatly appreciated 🙂
I am a big believer in collaboration and co-production.

I would also appreciate it if you could inform me if there are any changes to contact numbers for yourselves, including work and mobile numbers and those of your emergency contacts.

As your child grows and develops, issues will crop up that are very important for us to discuss in order that we can work together and your wishes be incorporated into the care routines for your child. These could include weaning, potting training, managing behaviour, starting (pre-)school etc. 

If you wish me to incorporate a special activity into the routines, perhaps a festival or religious holiday that you celebrate please let me know. 

If I have any concerns about your child’s behaviour, development, eating etc. I will share them with you and if necessary work with you to seek support from outside agencies.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding the care that I am providing for your child, please do let me know. Often a concern is a simple misunderstanding that can easily be resolved, un-aired it can fester and become a major issue.

I am very much looking forward to working in partnership with you to care for your child.

Reviewed by Louise Lawson Feb 2023

Ofsted have an important role in regulating education and childcare. More information can be found here.