Ofsted comments


  • Children make excellent progress in their development
  • Children flourish in the exciting and highly stimulating home environment
  • Children’s behaviour is exemplary
  • … exceptionally strong focus on children’s safety
  • … outstanding commitment to providing a service which responds to the individual needs of the families who attend
  • … passionate about providing the best opportunities she can for all children in her care
  • … excellent range of exciting activities that enables children to explore, investigate and extend their learning exceptionally well
  • … excellent partnerships with other professionals and agencies
  • … expert, individualised care and education for children in her setting and significantly contributes to the very rapid progress all children make from their starting points
  • Children build extremely secure attachments with the childminder, who is highly responsive to their needs. They are extremely happy and flourish in her care. They are polite, show kindness to others, share resources and build secure friendships.
  • Children are very much part of the community.

Ofsted report